Swatch: [EM Cosmetics] Infinite Lip Cloud


Here are the swatches as promised. If you haven’t read my review on the new products of EM Cosmetics, click HERE. I didn’t get Crimson Red and the 2 darkest colors in the collection. Among the 5 colors that I got, the one I regret buying the most is French Nude which appears a little grayish on my skin tone. Rose Nude looks quite unique but it might have a little more brown than I would like. Besides these 2, I like all other colors and if I have to pick one favorite, I’ll pick Faded Clementine.

Left to right: French Nude – Rose Nude – Muted Mauve – Faded Clementine – Violent Magenta
French Nude
Rose Nude
Muted Mauve
Faded Clementine












Violent Magenta
Me wearing Rose Nude

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