Review: The New EM Cosmetics


When Michelle Phan made a come back with her new Em Cosmetics, I was very curious. EM Cosmetics had never caught my attention before when it was still a private label under L’oreal; it gave me an impression that Michelle couldn’t do everything she wanted with her products. Now the new EM has come with only liquid lipsticks and eyeliners for now. The new look is stunning and definitely feels more “Michelle”.


The only thing I don’t like about the packaging is the gold is very easily scrapped off as seen in this photo.

Review Brush-Tip Illustrative Eyeliner ($15)

For my thought on the quality of the actual products, let’s start with the eyeliner. There are 2 types of pen eyeliner available: brush tip and felt tip. I bought only the one with brush tip since I feel it’s easier to use, especially when I want a very thin line. The most popular brush-tip pen eyeliner on the market now is the Kat Von D Tattoo ($20) and the one I’ve been using for years is the Physicians Formula Eye Booster ($12). I’ll compare the 3 to give you a better idea of their performance.


Left to right: EM, Physicians Formula, and Kat Von D

Rating kisses (out of 5):      💋.💋.💋

Claims: A fine, flexible brush tip for precise application. Ultra-black, fast-drying ink. Waterproof and smudge-proof. All day wear. => Partially True.

Application: because it has a brush tip, it is very easy to apply, although I think PS’s with a less pointy tip (not sure if you can see from the photo above) applies a tad more easily.

Pigmentation: EM’s is less pigmented than and not as black as both PF’s and KVD’s.

Longevity: it is waterproof, but I find that it breaks down by the oil on my eyelids more easily than PS’s. I didn’t do a review on the KVD’s but that one breaks down easily by oil as well.

Value: I think it is good but not great, and for the price I would go for a cheaper option.

Review Infinite Lip Cloud ($16)

Now, let’s move on to the liquid lipsticks. There are 8 colors in the line and I bought only one to try at first: Faded Clementine. You’ll see they’re called liquid lip cloud for a reason. I actually bought 4 more so I won’t give you a swatch in this post but will swatch all 5 colors in the next post.


Rating kisses:      💋.💋.💋.💋.💋

Claims: Velvety, air-whipped crème that glides on, and saturates your pout in rich color. Magnetic formula clings to lips for all-day wear without drying or cracking. Luscious matte finish. Applies as a vibrant liquid lipstick, and wears to a beautiful stain. => TRUE.

Application: I love the applicator which slightly curved in as seen in the photo and hugs the lips much better than the regular applicator. The applicator also has the perfect size to get the right amount the first time so I don’t run into problems like having excess product or having to dip in again for more.

Pigmentation: high.

Finish: There’s some shine when I first apply but it turns to a truly matte finish after 15′. Many people says it never dries and transfers a lot but I find that if I give it 30′ (though a longer time than with most lipstick), the transfer is very minimal; then after an hour or two it’ll become non-transferable.

Texture and feel: Texture is more like a mousse than liquid, feels incredibly lightweight, velvety, comfortable, exactly like the name suggested: lip cloud. It didn’t dry out my lips at all throughout the day.

Longevity: It is so weird that even though there might be some transfer on my cup, the pigmentation on my lips doesn’t change. It stays for hours before I have lunch (5-6 hours). I always need to reapply my lipstick after lunch anyway since I tend to wipe my mouth a lot during a meal, meaning even the most long lasting lipstick won’t stay pretty. Beside that, no touch-up is needed.

Value: It depends on what your preference is. If you want something that dries completely with zero transfer within the first few minutes, you might want to go for something else. If you’re like me who love matte finish but dislike the drying and heavy feel of some lip products, this $16 liquid lipstick provides everything!

The swatches will come out soon!



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