Review: [Essence] Long-Lasting Eye Pencils + [NYX] Soft Matte Lip Creams and Powder Blush #Cinnamon

Hello Lovelies!!!

The products to be reviewed today aren’t new, but some might be curious to try these affordable makeup and who knows, you might want to replace your current high-end products.

Essence Long-Lasting Eye Pencils ($2.4 each at Ulta)

Rating Kisses (out of 5): 

I’ve been having problems with my oily and hooded eyelids. These eyeliners resist pretty well and last quite long. The lines won’t smudge unless I’m outside under the hot sun for a long time and sweat. That is when a little bit will transfer onto under my eyes, but not a lot. I’ve have tried some other brands but didn’t find anything as sweat-resistant as this one. The application probably isn’t as smooth as the high-end brands but not too hard either. It will get a little dry after a few months so a little warming up the product on your hand will help. So the conclusion is I like them very much because they’re very good for the price, but not great.

NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams ($5.99 each at Ulta)

I ordered these lip creams because of the raves I saw everywhere. Among the 22 shades available, I own 5: Antwerp, Morocco, Amsterdam, Monte Carlo and Prague. My favorite is Monte Carlo which is a gorgeous wearable cool red making my teeth very white, hehe. The consistency is creamy and very thick, doesn’t look like being in a liquid form, unlike the 3CE Lip Lacquers. However, it feels very light on lips or literally doesn’t feel like I have anything on. It also means that it is not moisturizing.

Left to Right: Antwerp, Morocco, Amsterdam, Monte Carlo and Prague (I forgot to take a photo of Morocco on my lips but you can see here that it’s a reddish orange)
Antwerp – looks pink to me, not coral.


Monte Carlo

Prague – very pretty Fall color!

Rating Kisses (out of 5): 

– Beautiful matte finish
– Color is vibrant and opaque.
– Nice vanilla scent
– Once set, it stays forever with minimal eating and drinking. After eating/drinking, it does fade but leaves a stain so don’t worry about looking dead when it’s gone.
– Feels lightweight

– A tad drying.
– Take a while before it’s set; before then, it will transfer.
– There seems to be too little product in the tube. I’ve used Antwerp for only 3-4 times and there’s barely any product left. (Hmm, did I get a used one? …)

NYX Powder Blush #Cinnamon ($5.99 at Ulta)

Another popular product from NYX. I bought it just to get this orange color; normally other brands only have some type of a peachy shade.

Rating kisses (out of 5): 

– Affordable,
– Smooth texture, easy to blend
– Lovely color

– Pigmentation is not very good.
– Doesn’t stay long.

Before blending



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